Pagos de Anguix is ​​much more than the new J&C Prime Brands project in Ribera del Duero. It is the result of the determination and perseverance of the Juvé family, the outcome and the fruit of perseverance and the search for excellence in all its fields.

The journey from Espiells to Ribera del Duero

The winegrowing history of the Juvé family began over two centuries ago when Joan Juvé Mir, and later his son, Antoni Juvé Escaiola, laid the foundation for a winery that would develop deep roots in the Penedès region. Four generations committed themselves to carrying on the tradition and transformed the family enterprise into one of the region’s leading wine producers. The family’s heart is in Penedès, but it looked further a eld, driven by the desire to build a winegrowing legacy in the most prestigious appellations of origin. This inspired Joan Juvé Santacana to embark on a new project far from home which would become Pagos de Anguix.

Through his amicable relationship with the owners of Torres de Anguix, a winery established in the year 2000, he became well acquainted with the place and its magnificent vineyards. Now Juvé faced a new challenge: how could the family make quality wines in Ribera del Duero without disrupting the sense of continuity the existing team had built over years

A dream come true

This new chapter marked a turning point, a new vision born under a new name: Pagos de Anguix. Not only does the name clearly reference the wines’ place of origin, but also alludes to the viticultural work, sprinkled with the names of the wines’ parcels of provenance: Costalara, Fuentecojo, La Cilia, Barrueco, Zapatero, Costaval, Agualenes, and Carraranda.

This was soon followed by the acquisition of 45 hectares of organic vineyards from Campos Góticos, one of the rst wineries to introduce organic winegrowing in Ribera del Duero. The vineyards – divided into parcels like La Joya, El Pinar, or La Carretera – are adjacent to those of Pagos de Anguix and thus completed the project of creating a pago or single estate.

Terroir focused

The Pagos de Anguix vineyards are nestled around the villages of Anguix and Olmedillo de Roa, in the northern part of Ribera del Duero, where the region extends into Burgos. Jancis Robinson, the renowned British wine writer, critic, and Master of Wine, has described the area as the “Golden Diamond” of Ribera del Duero due to the quality of its soils and favourable winegrowing climate. The days are mild and the nights very cold, creating the ideal conditions for environmentally friendly, high-quality viticulture. The soils are shallow, arenaceous, with high levels of limestone and iron.


The staff and technical teams at Pagos de Anguix and Juvé & Camps are working together closely to define the working process and the winegrowing and winemaking techniques. In doing so, they are focusing on the 87 hectares under vine and organising them on the basis of soil type, elevation, and microclimate to establish well-integrated and homogenous parcels for the production of personality-driven wines with an undeniable sense of place.