Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files received on a terminal from the Website being visited and used to record certain browsing interactions on the Website by storing data that may be updated and recovered. These files are stored on the computer of the user and contain anonymous data that are harmless to the computer. They are used to record user preferences, as well as the selected language, access data or personal settings on the page.
Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information on how a visitor uses a website. For example, this may indicate the page from which the Website was accessed or whether an advertising banner was used to access the Website.

Why do we use cookies?

Pagos de Anguix uses strictly necessary and essential cookies so that you can use our Websites and browse freely, use secure areas, custom settings, etc. Furthermore, Pagos de Anguix uses cookies that contain data pertaining to the analysis of Website use. These are used to aid customer service improvements by measuring page use and performance with a view to streamlining and customising the Website.
Our sites may also contain links to social media networks (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). Pagos de Anguix does not control the cookies used by such external websites. For further information on the cookies of social media networks or other external websites, we recommend you check their own cookies policies.

What do we use the different types of cookies for?

According to their purpose:

Technical cookies: Technical cookies are those strictly necessary and essential for the correct operation of a Website and use of the various options and services on offer. For example, those that relate to session maintenance, response time, performance or option validation management, use of security elements, sharing content with social media networks, etc.

Customisation cookies: These cookies enable a user to specify or customise certain characteristics of the general options on the Website. For example, to set the language, regional configuration or type of browser.

Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are used by our Website to create browsing profiles and reveal the preferences of Website users in order to improve the offer of products and services. For example, analytical cookies would monitor the geographical areas of greatest interest to a user, which product is most popular, etc.

Advertising cookies: Advertising cookies allow management of advertising spaces based on specific criteria. For example, access frequency, chosen content, etc. By managing advertising, advertising cookies enable information on conduct to be stored based on the observation of habits, the study of access and the creation of a user preferences profile with a view to displaying advertising that is related to the interests contain in the profile.

Based on duration:

Session cookies: Session cookies are those that exist for as long as the user is browsing the Website and are deleted when they leave.

Permanent cookies: These cookies remain on the user’s terminal for a longer time, thus facilitating control of chosen preferences without the need to repeat certain actions each time the Website is visited.

What if I do not want these cookies or do nothing about them?

In order to comply with current legislation, we are required to ask for your permission to manage cookies. If you decide not to authorise the processing of this data, state your disagreement with such action and we will only use the technical cookies that are essential for browsing our Website.

If you state your disagreement, we will not store any cookies on your computer. If you continue to browse our Website without refusing cookies authorisation, it is understood that you accept their use. Please note that if you reject or delete Website browsing cookies, we will not be able to store your preferences, certain website features will not be operational, we will not be able to offer you personalised services and we will need to ask for your authorisation to use cookies each time you visit our Website.

Even so, if you decide to change the settings for access to the Website, cookies can be deleted or storage of this information on your computer can be prevented by changing your browser settings:
Internet Explorer cookies settings
Firefox cookies settings
Google Chrome cookies settings
Safari cookies settings

These browsers are subject to updates and changes, meaning that we cannot guarantee that they will fully apply to your browser version. It may also be possible that you use a browser not included above, such as Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc. In order to avoid any complication, you can access your browser settings directly. These can be generally found in the “Privacy” section of the Settings menu. (Please consult the help system of your browser for more information).

If you agree with Pagos de Anguix cookies policy, click on the ACCEPT button of the website.